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Hummel Marks


Unlike many porcelain & pottery makers, Hummel was good about marking their products in a consistent way. That is not to say there aren't issues, but for the most part a quick study of the marks they used will give you some quick insight into values.

Below are pictures and descriptions of the marks on Hummels in our collection. In addition to the marks Hummel figurines also have a number code stamped on the bottom. This is essential in identification, but the numbers are extremely hard to photograph. We will talk about them but few of our photos will show good examples.

Hummel full bee example

The mark on the bottom of a Hummel is directly related to age and is very important to determining value. To help you learn the marks the paragraphs below include searches that go to Ebay and display auctions which have pictures of the various marks. Clicking one of these links will open a new window and show you the current auctions. At this point it doesn't matter if the figure is the same as yours. We are only looking at the mark. Go to an auction and look through the pictures of the bottom of the Hummels. I would suggest looking at several to get a feel for the normal variation in the mark.

The oldest mark commonly seen is called a Full Bee These Hummels are old, valuable, and bring the best prices. Condition is very important.

Examples of full bee marks