Goose Girl 43 3/0 1959

Unlike many, where the mark covers a range of years, the mark on this Goose Girl was limited to 1959. the 3/0 size was 4” to 4 1/2” tall. This was a very popular figurine, produced over many years, so there are lots of style variations.

These are clearly much tamer geese than we raised or the artist choose to take some liberties with reality. I can assure you none of our girls would have come near the geese with flowers (Food) in their hand or tried to protect the flowers by holding them behind them! 

This Hummel Goose Girl has no damage that I can see. There is a pale spot on her lock of hair but it is smooth to the touch, so it is not a chip. There are no “Flea bites” around the edge of the base.

Goose Girl

Gotta’ love that term “Flea bite”. I always wondered when a “Flea bite” turns into a chip. From my own experience it seems like a sellers “Flea bite” always looks like a chip when I look at it.

In any case, this lovely old figurine will celebrate it’s 50 th. birthday in 2009.