Chick Girl 57/0 Full Bee

The number tells you this is the 3 1/2” size which is the smallest. The “Full Bee” mark was used from 1946-1948. According to my reference book the “R” stands for registered and neither adds or detracts from the value. This figurine is also stamped “Germany” on the bottom. In addition there is a “65” incised to the left of the 57/0 and I don’t know what, if anything, that means. 

Unfortunately this old Hummel has two quality flaws. The lock of her hair on the right side is chipped. It’s not the sort of chip made from falling over, so it must have banged against something. That same lock of hair gets very white at the end. The end feels smooth to the touch, so it is not a chip. I think, but am not certain, this was the way it came from the factory.

There are similar white spots on her apron ties and I think they could have also been caused by rubbing during shipping or storage.

Chick Girl