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Smart Little Sister, 346, Introduced to US in 1962

This Hummel is 4 1/2” tall and has M I Hummel incised along the edge of the base. There are no chips or crazing. It is a nice, old Hummel which is not as famous as some. In this case, the writing board has the letters A B C on it.


Auf Wiedersehen, 153/0

The mark indicates this Hummel figurine was made after 1972. The piece is in perfect condition with no chips or crazing. It still have the original paper tag on the side of the base. It is 5 3/4” tall. It was sometimes called “Good Bye” in older catalogs.


Stormy Weather, 71, TMK-3

There are many size variations of this Hummel. This one is 6” tall. It is in perfect condition with no chips or crazing. It’s old name was Under One Roof. Because they have to figures and are heavy and complex they were always expensive. Since they are heavy they are extremely vulnerable to breakage. Those […]