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Joyful, 53, 1959

A sweet little girl playing her lute. This Hummel figurine stands 3 1/4” tall and was a very popular figurine. I say that because there are many size variations and they were produced over a long period of time. This one is in good condition with no flaws I can see. I looked closely and […]


Just Resting, 112 3/0, Full Bee

Just Resting is obviously the female counterpart to the very successful Wayside harmony. It has been popular for a long time and there are many size variations. This one does not have the 1938 incised copyright date on the bottom but does have the full bee with the Goebel mark. There are no chips or […]


Joyous News with Lute, Angel Candle Holder III/39/0 1959

This tiny Hummel is only about 2” high and is part of a set of three candle holders. The mark indicates this one was produced in 1959. I can’t see any damage and there is no crazing.We were never able to pick up any of the others in this set, but they would make a […]


Goose Girl 43 3/0 1959

​Unlike many, where the mark covers a range of years, the mark on this Goose Girl was limited to 1959. the 3/0 size was 4” to 4 1/2” tall. This was a very popular figurine, produced over many years, so there are lots of style variations.These are clearly much tamer geese than we raised or […]


Chick Girl 57/0 Full Bee

The number tells you this is the 3 1/2” size which is the smallest. The “Full Bee” mark was used from 1946-1948. According to my reference book the “R” stands for registered and neither adds or detracts from the value. This figurine is also stamped “Germany” on the bottom. In addition there is a “65” […]

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