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Spring Cheer, 72, Full Bee

Spring Cheer was restyled in the early 1960’s and this one was produced after that, as shown by the green dress and flowers in both hands. For some reason this one really reminds me of my two year old granddaughter as she cheerfully holds up something for me to look at. There are no chips […]


Just resting, 112 3/0, Full Bee

Just Resting is the female Hummel that matches the extremely popular Wayside harmony on the boy side. This one is in perfect condition with no chips or crazing. It stands 4” tall and has the full bee mark. The bottom is also stamped, not incised, with the copyright by W. Geobel and the 1938 copyright […]


School Girl, 81/0, Full Bee

This School Girl Hummel is 5 1/4” tall and has the full bee mark on the bottom. I looked carefully and can’t see any chips or crazing. There are many size and color variations for this Hummel. Sometimes her basket is filled and sometimes it isn’t.


Goose Girl 47/0 1959

This is the 4 3/4” to 5 1/4” variation of this popular Hummel figurine and the mark indicates it was made in 1959. The tip of her pig tail is light colored, but not rough to the touch, so I assume this is the way it came from the factory and not a flaw.  Hummels […]


Apple Tree Girl, 141/I Full Bee

This is one of the old Full Bee Hummels in perfect condition. I looked carefully at the tip of the birds beak, and the ends of the branches and there are no chips. There is the slightest bit of crazing on the sides of the base, but nowhere else.This was a very popular Hummel and […]

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