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Merry Wanderer, 11/0 TMK-3

This Merry Wanderer is 4 3/4” tall and without chips or crazing. It is the same figurine as Hummel Number 7 and has always been very popular. This one has the paper sticker still on the side of the base, but does not have the incised M I Hummel as so many do. Merry Wanderer […]


Wayside Harmony , 111 3/0 Incised Circle

This was also called Just Sittin-Boy and is 3 1/2” tall. This one has the 1938 copyright date incised into the bottom, but this apparently has no effect on value. There is no crazing or chips. M I Hummel is incised on the side of the base. This popula figurine was produced in many different […]


Strolling Along, 5, Full Bee

This number 5 Hummel is the lowest number we have and with the full bee mark on the bottom is over 50 years old. It has not suffered any chips or crazing during that time. It’s obvious the success of this early figurine inspired several others such as Merry wanderer which are clearly based on […]


Accordion Boy, 185, Early Stylized (Incised Circle)

This accordion Boy Hummel was probably produced between 1957 and 1960, based on the mark. I can’t find any chips or crazing. He has the M I Hummel incised on the side of the base as well as the original Accordion Boy paper sticker.


Chimney Sweep, 12/I 1964 to 1972

This Hummel has nice, bright colors and really excellent detail, especially on his face. Eyelashes and nostrils are visible making for a lifelike look. There are no chips or crazing.This figurine is just like the Chimney Sweep shown above except the bee has been scraped out of the mark on the bottom. I have a […]

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