We started collecting Hummel figurines in 1998 when we first got on the internet and discovered Ebay. We had moved to New Mexico from Minnesota and were terribly disappointed to find the farm auction tradition we were used to didn't exist here. (Don't miss those winters though.)

A collection of antique Hummels

On Ebay we discovered we could find a large selection of Hummel figurines at VERY reasonable prices.

Unfortunately, sometimes those "Very reasonable" prices were at or above retail because sellers seemed to be blind to what seemed to us were obvious flaws. In those days many auctions didn't have pictures so you were completely dependent on the sellers description.

We got many nice Hummels however, but the problems took away much of the fun, so we moved on to other things.

One of those other things was building websites. As we learned how to build sites we developed the urge to assemble what we had learned about antique hummels, pictures of our collection, and the valuation information we will gather from selling our collection all on one website.

Hopefully you will find it useful and interesting.