Welcome to Antique Hummels

Hummels were the first collectible we bought when we heard about Ebay in 1998. They had always been out of reach financially before that and we couldn't believe the deals we could find online. Little did we know that online sales would completely change the market, the valuations and the perceived scarcity of antique Hummels.

Antique Hummel examples

We collected 27 Hummels while we were actively buying. We had fun, learned a few things, and then moved on to other activities. The hummels have been wrapped in bubble wrap in a box for the last 7-8 years.

Hummel valuation is largely determined by age and condition. Ebay is really the only venue whose values matter any more because that is where the bulk of them are bought and sold. Marks are important because they indicate the age of an individual Hummel which is an important componet of value.

If you are looking for or attempting to value a Hummel like one in our collection, each of the description pages lists the current Ebay auctions for that figurine at the bottom of the page. Following those links will take you directly to Ebay.

Collection of antique Hummels

For those of you not familiar with Hummels, they were created by Sister M.I Hummel, also known as M I Hummel or MI Hummel who lived in Germany in the first part of the 1900's. An artist who was also a nun, she developed her work to where it was the major source of income for her convent. Hummel figurines, Hummel plates, Hummel dolls, and many other Hummels have been popular for years.